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The Election of Żywiec

Żywiec, 2014/2015

The Polish beer market recently went through a drastic change. The impact was strongly felt by popular lager brands. Their beer sales began to fall, whereas speciality beer sales started to rise. Speciality brands where in the hands of small breweries.

Żywiec decided to use this trend to introduce new variants of its historical beers.

How to introduce historic beer varieties and ensure they enter the mass market beer scene as premium specialities? Why not ask the consumers? We let them choose which out of the three introduced beers were to remain on sale.

The campaign has gone wild. The decision was not only to introduce all three varieties, but also to add a fourth one.

As part of the campaign a contest was run, through which consumers could decide which variant will last — this time by voting for the brewer. The contest winner received 1% of the profit generated by the beer.

In the end of the campaign, Żywiec became the leader of the speciality beer category in Poland.