About The best strategies emerge
from simple ideas.
The best ideas emerge from
simple strategies.

About us

JUST. Since 1993. In Warsaw and Poznań. Its shareholders work in the agency, because they like it, even a lot! In JUST everyone knows — and had the chance to work with — each other. Just and as many as seventy. With slightly more women than men, but not out of parity, it just happened and it’s okay. Very young, young, and young-minded old creatives in the vast majority, who can be pragmatic; pragmatic creative strategists and pragmatic creative accounts. Dreamers who can keep both feet on the ground, without borders between online and traditional communication, consciously and consistently crushing the boundaries between both. They like to talk straight… and to the point. JUST. Always independent and non-network.


These are our awards, some of them are very important to our ego. Materialised symbols of acclaim. There are also other signs: the belief in our strategies, the belief in our creations, the openness for honest conversations, the patience in responding to questions, the shared enthusiasm in the pursuit for the best and… the tolerance towards our t‑shirts and sport shoes at official meetings.