Little Big Sponsor

Żabka, 2016

In 2016 Żabka joined the official team of sponsors of the Polish Olympic Team in Rio. They wanted to show their clients a different face on this occasion. A face full of emotions caused by the sports competition.

How to change the image of the convenience store chain by emphasizing its relationship with Polish sport, doing it with impetus but without unnecessary pathos?

We have prepared a television spot, which was the first large production for Żabka. The main role was played by fans cheering Polish athletes, in the rhythm of the famous Queen song, and with the hope that the white-reds will give us a lot of emotions in this Olympic Games.

Apart from the creation of TV spots, we have also prepared a coherent and comprehensive digital campaign. On the dedicated website, users were able to support the Polish representation by creating and sharing their own fan banners, displayed in a video format.

We have also made additional creations: Contextual YouTube prerolls, and full screen, interactive rich media ads.