Catch the natural refreshment

Warka Radler, 2012/2013

In 2012, the beer market entered the maturity phase. Consumers were more often seeking after something different than the usual lagers, like craft beers and beer-based mixed drinks. Following up the trend, Lech and Warka almost simultaneously entered the market with radlers, giving life to a new segment. In the following years, other players also entered the market, making it very competitive.

We have created a long term communication plan for Warka Radler, based on the idea of A REFRESHING CONNECTION that we implemented differently at each stage of the segment’s development.

The first phase of the campaign focused on exposing the sensory features of Warka Radler, its distinctiveness from ordinary beer, intriguing combination of beer and lemonade, which contrasted with the communication of the competition — focused on the power of refreshment.

In the second phase, we enhanced the brand world with emotions stemming from an interesting CONNECTION, claiming most consumption opportunities related to summer and summer holidays from competing brands.

Thanks to the relevance and attractiveness of the idea A REFRESHING CONNECTION, Warka Radler became a synonym for radlers in Poland and became the leader with just about 50% of market share!