Slow and slow

Leżajsk, 2016

Regional beer brands by small breweries are increasing in popularity, especially amongst the young and urban crowds that search for alternatives to escape the hectic urban life. Leżajsk is a brand from Subcarpathia that fits well this trend. However, it was not being well supported and needed a modern communication.

How to convince young beer lovers to consume a brand that is not known to them?

We’ve set the brand world in the area where it is from — Subcarpathia, a beautiful mountain region in Poland — but, above all, in a carefree, friendly, nature-related space, where there is no reason to hurry. A world that advocates taking a deep breath while pouring in the clouds to become truly free. A world that advocates savouring the taste of exquisite beers. The campaign was signed by the slogan “wolno wolno”, what in Polish language means both “slow down” and “slow is allowed”.

An additional attribute that underpins the campaign is the green colour of the bottle, that is associated with nature and a charming, idyllic lifestyle.