Energy lessons

Energa, 2015

The Polish energy market has opened up to third party access, meaning that energy customers could compare prices and switch amongst competing energy providers. New energy providers joined the market, increasing competition. With a mature energy market, the challenge was not only to win customers from competitors, but also to keep the current ones.

Energa operates in a very competitive environment with a very high brand recognition. How to change the brand image and strengthen the awareness of a reliable energy seller?

We have created a light and friendly format called Energy Lessons, with the brand in the role of the teacher. In Polish language, the wording “energy lessons” playfully means “lesson given by Energa”.

In the ad, kids are the heroes in the classroom, surprising the Physics teacher with clever statements on energy and electricity.

The statements related to energy laws, in the same way to what Energa had to offer. The campaign led to a 3× increase in spontaneous brand awareness in its previous home market, and to a double increase in spontaneous brand awareness in Poland.