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Gold Rush

Discovery Channel, 2016

Gold Rush is a reality TV series, a hit broadcasted by Discovery Channel. To increase the audience of the sixth season, we came up with a campaign allowing potential viewers to experience similar emotions to those of the heroes in the series.

How to engage viewers so they can feel the thrill of a gold rush?

We hid 100 gold bars on the Discovery Channel fanpage, and made people dig for gold themselves.

Gold bars, hidden deep in the earth of the fanpage, were buried deeply in post comments. Participants had to find them at the right moment, which was communicated during the premiere episodes of the series.

What about the results? They were astonishing! We increased the audience by 3 times the original goal!

The campaign was awarded with a Kreatura 2016 award in the social media media category, and a distinction in the Golden Arrow 2016 awards.